On Fitbit

Just read an interesting post by Russ Frushtick. The author seems being annoyed by Fitbit and Fitbit related topics. One of his argue point is many people around him wears the Fitbit bracelets. No wonder he feels invaded. Here are my thoughts on Fitbit and other activity trackers.

I’m a Fitbit user since 2011. At that time, we don’t have much choices. All you can get is Fitbit Classic or Fitbit Ultra, which both are small trackers placed on your belt. I feel comfortable to put it under my clothes. No need to explain what it is because nobody could see it unless I deliberately take it out from my pocket.

Then Fitbit Inc. released Fitbit Flex, which is a bracelet. I can’t say that Flex is not good looking but I never considered to own one. Even when Fitbit Force was released in 2013. BTW. Both Fitbit Flex and Force are bracelets. Instead, I upgraded my Fitbit Classic to Fitbit One, which is designed to be hidden.

Fitbit One
Fitbit One is my second activity tracker

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I Love Typewriter

Hello, world. I’m on Hanx Writer app now.

This is my very first typewritten passage on an Apple iPad. It feels strange but it’s fun!

Hanx Writer App
A passage typed with Hanx Writer app

In 1999, I saved CNY 50 and bought a used typewriter from the school. It was a decent one even it was quite old. In the days without a computer, that typewriter was a very handy tool to print my thoughts out to paper.

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